Meet Marsha "Yasmine"

While most of the kids in my first grade class were out playing in the sand box and the swing sets, I was playing "teacher" to all my best friends—making them take imaginary tests that I had prepared. I often wonder how I was able to keep any friends at all during that time. (Taking imaginary tests on the lunch breaks are not very popular with school kids, right?)

It wasn’t until after travelling the world that I finally plunged into the pool of education—starting with—American accent training. From there, I moved into conversational English and the different levels of English language learning programs. Eventually, I began teaching TOEFL and IELTS; focusing on all four language skills—listening, speaking, reading and writing. However, some of the most fun I had abroad was while I was teaching nearly two years of Aviation English (ICAO) to military pilots from around the world; an amazing experience indeed.

I have taught in college, university, grade school, high school, royal palaces and online. I have held the positions of Head of English Department, Communication Lab In-Charge and Assistant Director of Studies. I hold a CELTA (Certificate of English Language Training for Adults) from University of Cambridge, London; and I have designed a fully functional communication lab, along with, several training courses for various companies and educational institutions. I have also published several articles about teacher training and class managment, plus taught inspiring teachers on several occasions.

Personally, I feel most fulfilled in life whenever I am in class with a student. Whether it is a class of 40 eager learners or just one--I am a fish in water. So the question is: Do I love teaching? Well, yes I do!


Dear Ms Yasmine,

It is an impressive effort , you are an outstanding teacher and we are proud to have you among our staff , hope you the best , and keep on the good work.

.... Naeem Derhalli Training Campus Manager Khawariami International College - KIC 

The first time I heard about me taking the IELTS was the worst day of my life! I was very anxious about it,maybe because my future relies on it , but when I came to your class, day by day I've learned a lot from you. You fed me with all the techniques that I needed. You simplified everything ,which really made me so confident with my self. I felt your eagerness in teaching so that your students will learn and aim for the red colors! For a month I gained a lot, and now I'm just so excited to take the exam. You are a good teacher and your passion in teaching is overflowing :-) I therefore conclude,that you are a serious teacher at first sight but definitely the best among the best...:-) 


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